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haven_falls's Journal

Haven Falls
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A fairy tale reincarnation roleplay
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Stories have power.

Some are more important than others, lent a different sort of power by virtue of what they are. These are the tales that we tell to our children, the stories that we read to lull them to sleep at night, the legends that we weave to leave them wide eyed with wonder. Like all stories, they possess the ephemeral power of the imagination, but because of how they're told, and to whom we tell them, they are infused with the most elusive magic, that of belief.

And in certain places, at certain times, a little belief is all it takes to make a story come true...

haven falls

The town of Haven Falls is situated on the east coast of the United States. It sits in an isolated valley, cut in two by the Aulnoy River and covered in the south by Thompson's Lake. The rest of the valley is dotted by forests, unremarkable for the most part, though the northwest section of the valley boasts an impressively thick pine forest.

The town itself is fairly small and self-contained. Its population is roughly 13,500 most of whom are college students enrolled at Marchen University. The university is renowned for its fine arts programs, as well as its brand new astronomy program, based in the newly installed observatory that sits atop Banner Mountain. The city itself sprawls out around the university, a mix of independently owned businesses and retail chains, apartments and homes.

To the outside eye, Haven Falls is just another town, isolated enough that not many know it's there but accessible enough to have a Wal-Mart. But the observatory isn't Haven Falls's only unusual feature. Though it isn't able to be observed, there is something happening to the people of the town. One by one, they are waking up and realizing that they aren't who they thought they were, that locked deep in their minds are memories of events that occurred a world and a lifetime ago.

They are the people who populate fairy tales and children's stories, reborn and drawn to Haven Falls. But who draws them, and to what purpose?

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