Character Rules & Application

Before you app your character, here are a few guidelines to consider!

-Your character is a normal person. It's up to you whether they remember who they are before you start playing them or during the course of the game, but remember that regardless of when their memories started to resurface, that won't change their entire character. A person isn't going to realize they used to be the Tin Man and immediately go pick up an axe and start chopping wood.

-Your character needs to have a past life from a children's story. This can be either a fairy tale or one of the children's novels that has become a classic over the years. If you're in doubt as to whether your character concept will be accepted, feel free to email the mod and ask, but a good rule of thumb is that if you read it as a kid and it's still in print, it will probably be accepted.

-Have some fun with it. Change the character's sex, give them a past that loosely parallels the story that they came from, turn the story on its head. The more interesting your concept and application are, the more likely it is that your character will be accepted!

-Please don't make a character journal until you receive approval from the mods! It is possible that we'll ask you to modify your character, change your PB, or otherwise shuffle things around to fit the mood of the game, and we'd have for you to have to start over journal-wise!

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Rules Post

Game Rules

1. All of the usual rules apply here: no godmodding, no killing characters without prior permission, no starting drama, no feeding drama. If you have any issues with another player, simply contact the mod and it will be dealt with.

2. Don't start cliques. In a game like this, it's easy to want to play only with people who are part of your character's particular story, but that stalls gameplay and makes the mod a sad panda. So interact with everyone and make friends based on who your character is instead of who they used to be.

3. Post a lot! The posting rules are simple; roleplay tags, mod posts, and OOC posts go in the community, everything else (stand-alones, journal entries, communications with other characters) goes in your character's personal journal. If in doubt, just ask!

4. Don't use your character journal for any other communities. Obviously, it's your character and you can do whatever you want with them. But for the sake of minimizing confusion, we would prefer it if this particular journal was used only for this RP. If you feel the need to join prompt communities, there are a few suggestions on the profile page, but please keep IC interaction and roleplaying confined to this community.

5. Pick your characters carefully. At the moment, we're only allowing three characters per player, with a possible fourth if you prove you can handle the demands and upkeep of your first three.