Candice Greene (lipstickandaxes) wrote in haven_falls,
Candice Greene

rp for not_that_wicked

The day was winding up, for the most part, without incident. There had been a few panic attacks, but nothing Candice hadn't expected. Whenever something happened in the town, there was usual a little hysteria to be dealt with. The usual dosage of hot tea and a warm blanket usually did the trick.

If only there was something in her extensive medical cabinets to make the clock go faster. The closer four approached, as well as the end of her shift, the slower the hands seemed to tick across the face of the clock. She was itching to get outside, to take Apples for a run through the woods on the outskirts of town. Sure, with recent events she should be locked up safe inside, but in Candice's mind there was no greater protection than an immense Wolfhound.
Tags: muse: antonia giordano, muse: candice greene, roleplay

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