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I apologize for the lateness, but there was a mild crisis at work, you know how it goes. Anyhow, feel free to have your characters react however you'd like to this information.

The murder is said to have occurred on Tuesday night.

There are two newspapers in Haven Falls and both of them cover the story, blaring front page headlines that declare the heinousness of the crime without offering any gory details that might upset the residents of the town. They do offer what the police have released to them: that the victim was a respected and well-liked banker named Hollis Anderson, that the housekeeper found the body when she went to clean on Wednesday afternoon, that there are no suspects as of yet.

The facts of the case are bare, but as in all small towns, rumors abound. The housekeeper spreads most of them, talking in hushed tones about the amount of blood, about how it was splashed across the floor and spread on the walls. There were handprints, she says, dotted across the walls as though someone was playing.

Most disturbing, perhaps, is the rumor that when they finally rolled Anderson into a body bag to take him to the morgue, they found that his chest was a mess of broken bones and shredded flesh, and his heart was already gone.

People are talking now, dark words about how no citizen of Haven Falls could have done something like this, how it has to be an outsider, someone who just came to the town. Unfriendly eyes are turning to the college campus and the police, desperate for leads, are systematically investigating everyone new to the town...
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