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Rowan Eady

RP for lipstickandaxes

Rowan carefully tacked a corner of the bedsheet to the outside wall of the workshop, shivering at a light breeze that ruffled through his hair and made the far corners of the sheet flap and flutter. It was a shame that he couldn't do this inside, but the workshop's shelves and somewhat uneven walls made that pretty much impossible. If he wanted to go through with his entire plan, he was going to have to work on each piece in accordance with a strict deadline. He didn't have much time as it was, and there were lives at stake.

The whole situation was surreal and would have been funny if it wasn't true. It all began when he and Sunkawakan were riding around in the forest earlier in the afternoon. They'd strayed from the path long before, carefully picking through the dense trees and ground flora that made up the spectacular old growth forest located right along the edge of Haven Falls' borders. His professor had pointed out the area on a map and suggested that Rowan check it out sometime. She'd probably thought that he'd go by way of the paltry loop of a walking path that barely managed to meander a half mile before spitting you back out to the tiny gravel parking lot. Most of the woodland recreation areas around seemed well maintained, but it appeared that this one had been forgotten.

It was while Rowan was musing on this neglect and what could be done about it that he saw the monster. As they entered a clearing, the huge, grinning head of a young-ish man blazed down from a billboard, smiling with the broad, happy grin of someone who was accustomed to having his own way, mostly because he'd never experienced otherwise. Sunkawakan stopped before Rowan could even tell him so, and he scratched the horse behind the ears.

"My thoughts exactly, Sunny. More money than brains, I'd say, putting a sign out here in..." But as he read the sign, Rowan felt a chill go through him. There was a reason that this sign was out here, away from the prying eyes of the public - it wasn't for them to read. It was for investors.

"If you can read this...then welcome to the site of the latest Tennell Enterprises venture!" Rowan read aloud, narrowing his eyes as he skimmed the rest. "Industrial manufacturing plants..." He looked around at the massive trees, the birds that perched in them, the deer tracks at his feet, and shook his head. If that man thought he could get away with destroying habitat in the name of the Almighty Dollar, well, he had another thing coming.

And so it was that Rowan had immediately left the forest, rode down to the nearest box store and bought a bed sheet and some paints. After a short Q&A session with some local kids about who he was and why he rode a horse to Wal Mart, he headed home and began tacking the sheet to the shed. After the banner was made, there were other things he'd have to consider if he wanted all of this to work out. Not that he particularly knew what he was going to do, but a banner was as good a place to start as any.

As he moved to tack the middle edge of the sheet, he noticed a woman standing at the edge of the yard, watching him curiously. Rowan smiled and nodded his head. "I'm sorry ma'am; I didn't see you there before. Can I help you?"

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