Danny Osterberg (eat_it_yourself) wrote in haven_falls,
Danny Osterberg

RP for sticktothepath

Danny was bored.

He couldn't help it. Haven Falls was a great place to hide out, but that was about it. There was no nightlife to speak of, only one bar in the whole place and that mostly populated by college kids. They were nice enough, he supposed, especially some of the girls, but it wasn't really his scene. He'd passed his heavy drinking days a long time ago and all he really wanted now was to sit down with a beer and talk to some interesting people.

Instead, he found himself sitting on a low wall, sipping a black coffee from the campus coffee house, and wondering what in the world to do. He had a place, sure, and a pretty decent car, but it wasn't enough. He didn't like the idea of living off of the bank money for much longer, partly because he didn't want people wondering about where he was getting his income but also because he just didn't like to be idle. So a job had to be procured, but that was easier said than done in a town full of poor college students also looking for gainful employment.

Sighing, Danny took another drink of his coffee and shook a cigarette out of the pack of Marlboros tucked into his pocket, turning the gesture into a little wave directed at a young girl walking down the sidewalk opposite him.
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